Queer Muslim TikTok: A Short Documentary

 The widely popular app, TikTok, has been a virtual space where many folks in the LGBTQ+ community have gone topost videos of themselves addressing their intersectional queer backgrounds. The app has become aspace where many young and old queer and trans folks have been able to come together and findcommunity. Before TikTok, I personally had not been part of such a large queer Muslim community, andafter joining I was able to meet so many queer Muslims from all around the world. 

 Along with building visibility and community, there has also been a lot of negative backlash that queerMuslims have faced on the app. Getting into many heated discussions about the validity of ourexistence, while getting mass amounts of hate and death threats. Through our advocacy and fight forrespect, TikTok had changed their guidelines, harmful homophobic people were kicked off the app andthe Queer Muslim resilience that was shown through that time of hardship was beautiful. For my shortdocumentary, I decided to highlight the community response and support we have created. Iinterviewed three other TikTokers: Raiya Taha, Diya Dabash, Lama Sami, and myself. Along with theinterviews I dove into my archival footage of the three of us over the past six months to create a visualbackground to the dialogue being spoken. I also shot additional footage of the TikTokers being featuredin their homes and neighborhoods, humanizing them outside of social media’s idolization of creators.The purpose of this documentary is to delve into the backlash we had all received for simply beingourselves on the internet and how we have responded to that. 

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